Atlas was founded in 1994 and specializes in manufacturing high-quality upholstered furniture and interior design. From a small workshop with just three workers, Atlas has grown into a modern company with 160 employees, thanks to the effort, hard work, and dedication of its staff.

Values such as high aesthetic standards, modern design, and uncompromising quality have been the company's hallmarks for over 20 years. Collaboration with renowned European and local Serbian designers, the selection of quality materials, and the passion with which craftsmen create each piece of furniture have contributed to Atlas being recognized as one of the world's leading furniture manufacturers.

The company offers a range of products for both domestic and international markets, including corner sofas, three-seaters, two-seaters, armchairs, sofas, beds, nightstands, chairs, tables, kitchens, TV stands, and living room cabinets. Their comfort and functionality satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Catalogue 2023