VOLUMEN is  a design-oriented brand from Bosnia and Herzegovina, creating modern, functional, and highly comfortable furniture. Volumen furniture is unpretentious and represents a modern interpretation of classic values.

The design is modern, smart, and carefully thought out, with materials of top-notch quality. They perceive design as a delicate interplay of aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, they pay maximum attention to details and handle resources responsibly. The goal is to create high-quality yet affordable furniture that meets the demands of a modern lifestyle.

With decades of experience in all phases of the production process, they now have endless possibilities in creating innovative and modern solutions. By combining traditional values, manufacturing expertise, and an understanding of today’s individual needs, they produce furniture that they believe enhances the quality of life. Volumen represents a blend of high-quality craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Quality is directly ensured through cyclical testing in their own production facilities. All FSC standards are adhered to.

Catalogue 2023/24